May Cruising and Spending Stats

716 Miles Traveled
77 Sailing
639 Motoring

Motoring up the coast... we didn't have great luck with our weather in the Chesapeake, only being able to sail a few hours without the motor on. Our experience in the Chesapeake has been that of bad weather and beating into waves. We had been told May is the best month to be in the Chesapeake before it gets too hot in the summer, but it was cold, rainy, and windy (from the North where we were trying to go). After starting in the ICW, we ended up powering through the Chesapeake, through the C&D Canal, down the Delaware, up the Atlantic coast, and into the Hudson River. We ended the month at almost the halfway point in the Erie Canal.

22 Nights on Anchor
6 Nights at Free Walls
2 Nights At Marinas

We stayed at Free Walls in Rock Hall and on the Erie Canal, but did pay for two nights at Hop-O-Nose Marina where we got the mast down. The rest of the nights were on anchor.

53 kWh of Solar Generated

We generated 53 kWh of solar in May - lower than the last two months since we were always motoring and topping off our battery bank with the engine. Once the bank is topped off, our solar charge controllers limit the solar production to only cover the loads. We also put the mast down which covers quite a bit of the panels.

$1,983 Total Spent
$63.98 Average Per Day

Taking the mast down and fuel costs were big cost drivers this month at $493 and $422 respectively. Groceries came back down a bit now that we're re-supplied and continue to deplete our cans/pantry. Now that we're only going to be on the boat for another two months we don't want to have to take much from the pantry off the boat. I didn't include some other expenses we had this month due to buying our new house (appraisal/inspection) since they were not boat-life related.

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