Nothing too Fancy Overlanding Trailer

In 2020 – amidst the Covid 19 lockdowns, we pivoted from international travel focus to domestic travel. After our Camper Van trip to Maui the previous December, we were inspired to do some car-based camping. We built the Nothing Too Fancy Overlanding Trailer as a project to work on in lockdown, with the goal to use it as a practical teardrop style camper. We came up with a unique design, pulling our favorite elements from the many home-made and production teardrop trailers out there (that we can’t afford!). Our goal was to make an off-road capable, comfortable teardrop style trailer for less than $3k.


  • Based on a 5X8 flatbed utility trailer from Northern Tool. Big enough to fit a full-size bed
  • Upgraded suspension to a Timbren Axle-Less suspension for Off-Road tires
  • Sealed wooden plywood platform bolted to frame 
  • Aluminum exterior panels 

Interior Features

  • Full-size memory foam bed
  • Stargazer window
  • Driver & Passenger side doors
  • Ventilation fan
  • LED reading lights
  • Phone charging ledge
  • Backpack shelf – designed for Osprey 40L packs
  • Pass-through window to the kitchen

Kitchen & Power

  • Sliding drawers w/ Slide-out Stove
  • Small sink
  • Custom Cabinets
  • 20-gallon water tank w/pressure water system
  • Hot/cold water w/ propane for showers
  • 100W permanently mounted solar
  • PMW charge controller
  • 55 amp-hour AGM Battery
  • LED lighting 

Front Storage

  • 65 Qt. RTIC cooler on Heavy-Duty slides
  • Additional storage
  • T-Handle hatch closures

That’s the quick spin through it! We’ll put together a more in depth summary of what it took to design and build it. If you have any questions, drop a comment below!

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